Thursday, October 7, 2010

Amateur Hour With Two Fat Guys and a Pizza

Hey Everybody!

Amateur Hour With Two Fat Guys and a Pizza is a sports talk radio show in its second season on Marquette Radio, 9-11 AM every Thursday. Steve Letizia and Andy Suchorski are looking to branch and share their sports knowledge with everybody. The two stars of Marquette Radio cannot be contained to just the radio, they are expanding online.

Steve and Andy have a wealth of knowledge about sports. Steve is a long time Chicago sports fan, and Andy loves Wisconsin sports. The two clash about the Packers and Bears, Brewers and Cubs, and Bucks and Bulls. They are also joined by Joe Kirchoff, a fan favorite. Their fans have called it the "best sports radio show in the Midwest" and "liquid gold" -whatever that means.

Most importantly, the three college students are just looking to have fun and talk sports, and it doesn't get much better than that. We plan to use this blog to write about sports and provide you an oppurtunity to listen to geniune people who just like talking about sports.

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