Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For Packers Fans, a Win That Brings Justice

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On August 8th, Green Bay Packers General Manager Ted Thompson traded away the most beloved player in Packers history, Brett Favre. I don't have to explain the divide to Packers fans; we all remember it quite vividly. I remember the anger at Ted Thompson and the desire to have Brett Favre back. Packers fans could take comfort in one thing, that he was in a different conference. Many of us cheered for both the Packers and the Brett Favre led Jets. Neither of "our" teams made the playoffs that year, and it looked like the injured Favre would end his career with the Jets.

Fast forward to August 19th, 2009, the day Brett Favre came out of "retirement" to play for the Minnesota Vikings. Packers fans were outraged. We were betrayed by our former hero, and it was clear he wanted to get back at the Packers for choosing to move on with Aaron Rodgers. However, this was just the start of the torment for Packers fans. Not only did we watch the Packers lose in the Metrodome, we had to suffer the indignity of losing to Brett Favre and the Vikings at Lambeau Field. The Vikings and Brett Favre went on to have a better season than the Packers, adding insult to injury.

I can assure you that every Packers fan watching the game Sunday night knew of this context and desperately wanted a win. The first half of the game offered many flashbacks to the game at Lambeau Field last year. The Vikings marched down the field at will, and it looked like the Packers, with all of their injuries on defense and problems on offense, were going to come up short again. But something different happened in the second half. Last year, we saw the legendary quarterback put up one of his signature games in defeating the Packers. This year, we saw the legendary quarterback put up one of his signature games in losing to the Packers. Last year, he threw four touchdowns and could do no wrong. This year, he threw three interceptions, one returned for a touchdown and another that led to a touchdown, in the second half. The other Brett Favre showed up at Lambeau Field Sunday Night, the one that cost the Packers numerous games because of poor decisions and errant throws. And it could not have been any sweeter for Packers fans.

Finally, after a year of agony and defeat, Packers fans have much to celebrate. The game itself was extremely important; it boosted the Packers back into a tie for first place. But it was so much more than just a game for Packers fans. There was justice in the win, and how the Packers won the game. Brett Favre, coming back to Lambeau Field, throwing terrible interceptions, while the Packers were led by the steady hand of Aaron Rodgers. After a year of losing to Brett Favre, finally, finally, Ted Thompson, Mike McCarthy, and Aaron Rodgers were vindicated.

The Packers proved, that despite the numerous injuries to starters Ryan Grant, Jermichael Finley, Mark Tauscher, Al Harris, Atari Bigby, Morgan Burnett, Nick Barnett, and Cullen Jenkings, they were still better than the Vikings. Why? Because Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy made the right decision on August 8th, 2008 when they decided to trade away Brett Favre. Aaron Rodgers is a better quarterback now, and he will lead the Packers for the next decade. Brett Favre, on the other hand, is one hard hit away from retirement. The Packers and Vikings are heading in different directions, and the Packers and their fans have every reason to feel happy, justified, and righteous.

The game on Sunday was more than a football game, and any game that Brett Favre plays against the Packers will be the same. So Packers fans, for all of you who stood by Aaron Rodgers and your team during the past two years, you have every right to feel proud about your team, because this game proved that you were right, and I hope you continue to enjoy this win as much as I do.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Week 6 Predictions

Week 6


SD vs STL Chargers Chargers Rams

BAL vs NE Ravens Ravens Ravens

NYG vs DET Giants Giants Lions

ATL vs PHI Falcons Falcons Eagles

PIT vs CLE Steelers Steelers Steelers

NO vs TB Saints Bucs Saints

KC vs HOU Chiefs Texans Chiefs

NYJ vs DEN Jets Jets Broncos

SF vs OAK 49ers Raiders Tie

DAL vs MIN Cowboys Vikings Vikings

IND vs WAS Colts Colts Colts

TEN vs JAC Titans Titans Titans

CHI vs SEA Bears Bears Bears

GB vs MIA Dolphins/Packers Dolphins Dolphins

These are our predictions for week 6 in the NFL. Feel free to comment on it, submit your own predictions or even post something on our blog even if its not sports related. We will read any comments or posts on our show next week as well as discuss the topics that you bring up. thanks for reading our blog and remember to listen live 9-11 AM on thursdays!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NFL Wants To Protect Its Quarterbacks, Except Aaron Rodgers

Steve and Andy will be writing weekly articles on Bleacher Report, because our sports knowledge cannot be limited to 2 hours a week. Here is Andy's weekly article:


This past weekend, the Green Bay Packers feel in overtime after an Aaron Rodgers turnover led to points for the opposing team.

Stop me if you have heard that before.

Replay also showed that he suffered a blow to the head, and the play should have resulted in a 15 yard penalty against the defense.

Sound a bit familiar? It should.

The Green Bay Packers were knocked out of the playoffs last year after Aaron Rodgers was hit and fumbled, resulting in an Arizona touchdown and a 51-45 shootout win. However, replayed clearly showed that the defender grabbed Rodgers' facemask, and instead of a game ending fumble recovery for a touchdown, the Packers should have received new life and another opportunity to win the game. But that never happened, because the referees missed the call in a pivotal moment of the game.

Fast-foward to week 5 of the 2010 season. This year, the NFL elected to move the umpire behind the line of scrimmage, partially for his safety, and partially so that they could better protect the quarterback. It has been fairly successful across the league. In fact, when defenders hit Peyton Manning or Brett Favre too hard, or come too close to Tom Brady's legs, flags fly very quickly. In week 3, the Packers lost in part because an interception was called back when a rightful helmet to helmet penalty was called against the Packers.
And yet, Aaron Rodgers can never seem to catch a break, or even get a penalty called against the defender that is striking him in the head. Replays again showed that the defender who got pressure on Aaron Rodgers on the play that he threw the interception in overtime, had helmet to helmet contact as he forced Aaron to the ground. If the quarterback was Brett Favre, it would have been a penalty. If the quarterback was Peyton Manning, it would have been a penalty. If the quarterback was Jay Cutler, it would have been a penalty. But not if Aaron Rodgers was under center.

It happened once in the NFL playoffs, and it cost the Packers a chance to play the Saints the following week. A missed call once in a while is understandable, it is unacceptable for this to have happened more than once, and for it to have cost the Packers two of their past six games.

But in a year when touchdown catches are ruled incomplete because of celebrations, don't expect the NFL to do anything except defend their own referees and image. But it is inexcusable for NFL referees to have missed personal foul calls on Aaron Rodgers, one of which resulted in a concussion, that resulted in losses for the Green Bay Packers. Packer fans have every reason to be upset about how this season is playing out, but we should be even more angry about the fact that two of our last six games were dictated by poor referees that would have made different calls for different quarterbacks.

Marquette Tribune Writer Personifies Stereotype that Women Know Nothing About Sports

"Journalists" aren't the only ones who can write provocative titles. If you picked up a Tribune article today, you would have discovered an article entitled, "For the Love of the Game: Pro Sports Suck".

Let me make this clear, I know plenty of women who are very knowledgeable about sports. In fact, our shows two most loyal listeners are women, and I can name four or five of my friends who could hold an intelligent debate about sports off the top of my head. All of them are, despite the fact that they are spread across the country, are bigger sports fans than many people who claim to follow sports here at Marquette, and I can say with confidence that they are far more knowledgeable than every single Vikings fan on Marquette's campus.

But for every one of my knowledgeable friends, there happens to be a person who writes a ridiculous article about how terrible professional sports are that reinforces the stereotype that women know nothing about sports. If you know nothing about sports, as this person clearly does, don't write about them! You don't see me writing about the sorry state of journalism at the Marquette Tribune. Why? Because I don't know enough to make valid claims.

If you want to argue that sports are too serious at some levels of the game, you might have a valid point. There are plenty of parents who take their son or daughter's grade school tee-ball or soccer game too seriously. But that isn't the point of the article. It goes on to call sports fans "lazy" and mocks us as making fools of ourselves during sporting events. It claims that sports should be about the joys of playing the game, not winning.

What horseshit. Talk to any varsity athlete, college athlete, or professional athlete, and they will tell you the thrill of winning is what drives them. The desire for success makes them want to get better. Not one successful player ever will tell you that winning is not the top priority. As the most successful coach of all time, Vince Lombardi said, "Winning isn't everything, it is the only thing."

Sports provides so many with entertainment, billions of dollars in economic activity, and is ingrained in the fabric of this country. Major League Baseball is this country's pastime, and it isn't even the most popular sport in America! Sporting events bring tens of thousands of strangers together for a common purpose, something that is unseen anywhere else in America. If people actually believed that winning isn't everything, the Pittsburgh Pirates would have the same attendance as the New York Yankees every game. But they don't, because there is no greater feeling for a fan than winning a game.

This journalist clearly has no idea what she is talking about. Professional sports don't suck, they are part of the fabric of America. So a note to the Marquette Tribune, please don't ever put an opinion article about how terrible sports are in the sports section again.


Sports Fans Everywhere

Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Amateur Hour With Two Fat Guys and a Pizza

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Most importantly, the three college students are just looking to have fun and talk sports, and it doesn't get much better than that. We plan to use this blog to write about sports and provide you an oppurtunity to listen to geniune people who just like talking about sports.